MAME Health Trust Program

MAME’s Association Health Plan To Launch In 2020!
Hello Manufacturers,

If you are interested in the MAME Association Health Plan (AHP) we are ready to launch!

Why Should You Consider The MAME AHP?

It is modeled after a successful AHP in Maine that has held or reduced rates for 4 consecutive years since their launch, returned surplus to members through a premium holiday, and improved benefits for members!

We delayed the start of the Manufacturers Association Health Plan from the fall of 2019 to early 2020. Our revised target start is April 1, 2020 and we are beginning preparations to finalize pricing and participation.

1. Attached is a preliminary rate sheet from our last pricing exercise. In comparing these rates to your existing rates, keep in mind that the AHP is structured to cover maximum potential liability up to the stop loss limit. The expectation is that reserves will be built up in the early years that will reduce rates in the long run. 

If you are interested in participating in this next round of pricing to join other Maine manufacturers in this new venture, please contact Lisa Martin: or call 207-747-4406

You are not committing at this stage, but we must have your data to be eligible to consider participating!


2. That process will require: We will need an employee census and employer information sheet (we will provide after you reply to this e-mail indicating interest). ASAP Before end of December.

Employees enrolling in your health plan must complete health statements; we will provide options for paper or electronic. Larger employers may be able to provide claim reports in lieu of statements by Jan 24th.

Simply respond to indicate your interest and we will provide a census template and employer information sheet.

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Common Concerns

HP Summary

Thank you,
Brian Deveaux, CFO, Hussey Seating
Robin Goodwin, CEO, Montalvo Corp
Alan Lapoint, President, The Strainrite Companies
Lisa G. Martin, Executive Director, MAME
Joel Allumbaugh, The Allumbaugh Agency