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Prescott Metal Custom Sheet Metal

  • $1,000 Signing Bonus
  • Operate Press Brake to form sheet metal to customer specifications as laid out in the Job Traveler.
    Maintain log of minor preventive maintenance on daily/weekly schedule according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
    Measure workpiece dimensions throughout the forming operation to assure quality and repeatability.
    Alert supervisor of any maintenance or repairs that require outside services.
    Observe tool and machine operation to detect work piece defects or machine malfunction.
    Notify supervisor of any problems and suggested changes that will allow jobs and projects to run more efficiently.
    Set and adjust pressure and tool clearance.
    Position workpiece against backstop or manually align layout marks to bend.
    Set and adjust CNC back gauges as well as manual back gauges to specified dimensions and angles.
    Read job specifications to determine machine adjustments.
    Maintain Die inventory
    Alert Engineering of any broken or damaged tooling
    Assist in developing bend deductions and maintaining accurate bend deduction records
    Keep the area clean neat and orderly
    Consider pallet weight and stacking methods to maintain safe capacity
    Miscellaneous duties as assigned to help Prescott Metal achieve its goals.

Inspection Requirements:

  • Check for any material defects or damage. 
    Verify orientation of each part – compare bend sheet to print and make sure it agrees.
    Review traveler – ensure all previous ops are signed off and read any applicable notes before starting.
    Determine optimal bend sequence prior to starting.  Address any questions to Team Lead.
    Verify bend deduction and tooling agree.
    Verify all outside dimensions at each end and in the middle – recheck every 10 pieces.
    Verify all angles at each end and in the middle – recheck every 10 pieces.
    Check for tooling marks after forming.

Minimum Qualifications/Technical Knowledge Required:

  • High school diploma, GED, or technical school.
    Complete training on the battery-operated pallet jack.
    Ability to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form.
    Interpret Job Travelers (work orders).
    Understand Bill of Materials (BOM’s).
    Identify metal material types and gauge thickness.
    Experience with reading tape measure, dial caliper and protractor.
    Convert decimals and fractions, related to what shows on the Job Traveler/blueprints.
    Proficiently interpret mechanical drawings.
    Ability to understand and develop bend deductions.
    Have an excellent understanding of how to select position and align dies in machine and confirm that they are properly secured.

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