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Primary Purpose:

The primary purpose of this position is to manage and delegate areas of responsibility with employees in the manufacturing department, in order to accomplish the company mission statement.  This position reports directly to the Plant Manager.

Hours:  1st Shift (Monday – Thursday) 6am – 4:30pm

Pay Range:  $6,255(min), $7,820(mid), $9,380(max)

Primary Responsibilities:

Directing employees in performing routine and non-routine functions related to the department.

Supervising, scheduling, development and training, evaluating and maintaining environmental, health and safety requirements for employees in the Plant.

Planning, preparing and maintaining annual budget and assisting with meeting department goals and initiatives.

Plans and coordinates all manufacturing aspects of planning and scheduling within their respective department.

Conducting employee performance appraisals, discipline, team meetings and setting performance goals.

Ensuring compliance to labor hour standards and continuous improvement in labor efficiency.


An Associates Degree is required.

Minimum three years applied experience in supervising employees in a manufacturing shop floor environment is preferred.

Applied experience in managing and leading work teams, conflict resolution, and employee performance appraisals is preferred.

Experience in a company utilizing integrated ERP software systems is required.  Preference given to SAP.

Applied computer skills are a must.  Proficient in Excel spreadsheet applications, Microsoft Windows applications, Power Point presentations, and Microsoft Outlook are preferred.

Experience in working with expense/capital budgets is beneficial.

Applied experience in reading and interpreting product drawings and specifications is beneficial.

Applied experience in Lean Manufacturing principles such as 5S and value stream mapping is preferred.

Must possess good math and problem-solving skills.

Must have excellent oral, written, organizational, and interpersonal skills.

Must be self-motivated and possess the ability to manage multiple projects.

Highly motivated with a desire to exceed the customer’s expectations.

Must be able to work in a team environment and with employees from various levels within the organization.  They will also have direct interaction with the QA Department, Purchasing, Accounting, Engineering, Scheduling and Customer Service areas.

Ability to perform the essential functions assigned to the position.


Compliance with all rules of conduct, safety regulations and policies provided in Employee Handbooks, on Company bulletin boards/announcements, terms/conditions of employment or other means of communication is a requirement of the job.

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