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The Manufacturers Association of Maine (MAME) is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization comprised of over 400 members in Maine and beyond. We serve our membership by providing Business Development, Member Services, Manufacturing Career Connections (MCC) and Networking and Events. Our focus is offering members value-added service such as legislative advocacy, scholarship programs, career connections for students and job seekers and networking opportunities and events.

Approximately 1,600 Maine manufacturing businesses employ more than 54,600 Maine workers. The payroll tops $3.2 billion and accounts for 12% of wages paid statewide.

The manufacturing industry in Maine realizes over $5.9 billion dollars in GDP. Manufacturing in Maine plays a vital role in the United States and Globally in military and defense, aerospace, metal, paper, marine/boat building, semi-conductor, wood, textile, aquaculture, biotech, medical device, electronics, RF and wireless communications, plastics, composites and bio-plastics, studio and food and beverage manufacturing.

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Here at MAME we believe students should be exposed to every opportunity possible to help pave the way for their future. That is why we work together with our members to schedule VIRTUAL tours at their facilities! The manufacturing industry in Maine is continually growing with jobs that are lucrative and plentifully available. Interested? Need a video created for students? Contact Amber at [email protected] or Kaitlyn at [email protected].

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