Proudly representing nearly 29,000 of Maine's workforce.

The Manufacturers Association of Maine (MAME) is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization comprised of over 200 members in Maine and beyond.

We serve our membership by providing Business Development, Member Services, Manufacturing Career Connections (MCC) and Networking and Events. Our focus is offering members value-added services such as legislative advocacy, scholarship programs, career connections for students and job seekers and networking opportunities and events.

Approximately 1,850 Maine manufacturing businesses employ more than 56,700 Maine workers. The payroll tops $3.6 billion and accounts for 12% of wages paid statewide.

The manufacturing industry in Maine realizes over $6.2 billion dollars in GDP. Manufacturing in Maine plays a vital role in the US and Globally in military and defense, aerospace, metal, paper, marine/boat building, semi-conductor, wood, textile, aquaculture, biotech, medical device, electronics, wireless communications, plastics, composites and bio-plastics, studio and food and beverage manufacturing.

MAME’s Benefits and Compensation Report is Ready to Purchase!

MAME has completed a benefits survey as well as collected wage data for 143 manufacturing related job titles. There has been a growing need for manufacturers to have data to compare benefits and employee compensation in the industry. Click below to purchase the comprehensive report!