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Key Votes

Bills are determined to be KEY VOTES when they meet the following criteria: 

  • Policies that create stability and predictability for manufacturing.
  • Policies that promote the development, training, and education of everyone who has or wants a career in manufacturing.
  • Policies that encourage investment in Research and Development, product, and process innovation; and/or
  • Policies that create a more competitive business climate. 

Lawmakers voting record on key votes will be tracked and recorded. Legislators having a voting record that aligns with MAME’s position at least 75% of the time on MAME established KEY VOTES will be recognized at the conclusion of the 130th Session as “Legislative Champions”.

Grassroots & Advocacy Toolkit

How a bill becomes law (two forms detailed and simplified) (Detailed) (Simplified)

Tips for testifying, writing testimony, links to legislative committees, click here

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MAME Policy Committee

David Fortin, Chair

Aaron Atkinson, Education and Workforce

Tammy Cowans, Energy/Environment

John Hadwen, Taxation

Amy Tardiff, Business Regulations