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Board of Directors has sub-committees of the board focusing on relevant industry issues and projects. MAME will staff all committees and provide all administrative assistance. Meetings of Committees will be at the chairs discretion. All committees will report at BOD meetings when relevant (based on time of year, activities).

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Committee Chair Roles/Responsibilities
Annual Meeting/ Hall of Fame Summit Chair--Rick Golek, Retired, Bath Iron Works.

Oversee the Assoc. Annual Meeting event
• Select speakers, topics, Hall of Fame
• Sponsorship/fundraising
• Oversee and implement Mfg Summit, select speakers, topics with emphasis on implementing policy and business services activities

Business Services Division (BRE, BGS, B2B Lead Generation) Chair—Neal Prescott, Novatech Braids

• Oversees the development of the BRE System
• Oversee the BGS program, resource development
• Oversee B2B Development and Lead Generation Services

Manufacturing Career Connection Employee growth Services (EGS) Chair—Chuck Bates, GDOTS

• Oversee and direct education & training activities including Pipeline Development and “Fill the Jobs” strategies
• Oversee MFG events planning and promotion of events—interviews/radio
• Fundraising strategies to support transportations assistance, PR for events
• Engage industry to support and contribute to program and events

Energy Program Chair--Alan LaPoint, the Strainrite Companies

• Oversees the MAME Energy Program
• Acts as point person for outreach and development

Golf & Scholarship Chair--Rick McCann, McCann Fabrication, Co-Chair: Paul Meserve, Saunders Electronics

• Oversee Scholarship program, participate in selection of scholarship recipients
• Oversee Golf Tournament

Legislative Co-Chair--Dave Fortin, Masters Machine, Co-Chair, Judith Borelli, Texas Instruments

• Provide and approve legislative direction activities of MAMe.

Marketing/Outreach Campaign Chair-Bryon Williams, Montalvo Corp

• Develop and implement Assoc. marketing outreach campaign
• Aggregate data and info needed for marketing

Membership Chair-Chris Abbott, Camden National Bank, Co-Chair: Paul Meserve, Saunders Electronics

• Develop strategies to increase new membership and develop SOP for maintenance of current members