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Strategic Growth Services (SGS)

Strategic Growth Services (SGS)

A Sub-Group of the MAME Business Growth Services Network

MAME began offering Lead Generation Services in 2017, when companies requested assistance to find new markets for their products.


Exacerbated by the impact of COVID, MAME had a major call to action to help companies with strategic sales and marketing issues and needs. Manufacturing firms are generally led by people with considerable technical skills and varying degrees of sales and marketing strengths. As with our successful COVID-19 Countermeasures program, including an assessment upfront, the creation of SGS provides the opportunity to understand the key weaknesses within to the company and so where to focus.


Our SGS service can help to strengthen the sales and marketing of manufacturers in Maine.


We offer a service to Maine companies who want to grow their business, and where Sales & Marketing need to be strengthened to succeed.


SGS provides practical and strategic assistance to small and mid-sized businesses wanting to grow. We provide proven methods to strengthen sales and marketing capabilities within our client firms. For more information, please contact MAME at