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POSITION:                Network Administrator



FLSA STATUS:       Exempt

LOCATION:              On site, Augusta, Maine

SHIFT:                       Day, Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm


J.S. McCarthy Printers is proud to be 100% employee-owned! As one of New England’s premiere printing and packaging companies, we’ve been in business for over 60 years and we are still growing. Our talented employee-owners drive our success, and are rewarded with the benefit of employee ownership. We operate out of a state-of-the-art facility in Augusta, Maine and our award winning work reaches clients and end users around the country and beyond.

As a provider of environmentally friendly, recyclable folding carton packaging, we aim to tread lightly on the planet. We proudly print with 100% wind power and to have robust environmental initiatives. Our goals of top-notch customer service, technological innovation and superior quality of product are paramount.


The Network Administrator is responsible for managing the efficient daily operation of the the computer networking system for J.S. McCarthy Printers. This includes planning, designing, documenting and overseeing the smooth operation of the hardware and software. This person is responsible for ensuring the continual, smooth operation of the corporate computer network.

The Network Administrator will collaborate with other members of the department and outsourced professionals to maintain a stable, reliable and up to date network.


·         Maintain a secure, stable operating system and maintain functionality of company hardware, including laptop and desktop computers and related hardware and software.

·         Provide responsive end-user support by efficiently troubleshooting and resolving software and hardware issues and answering user questions.

·         Perform maintenance on the servers and network, including maintain both physical and virtual servers as needed. This includes supporting in person and virtual users securely.

·         Manage outside vendor relationships and collaborate with such vendors as needed for efficient deployment of IT resources.

·         Have an in-depth understanding of the Network and system configurations, sufficient to tech support all PC locations and Office Servers.

·         Maintain current IT policies and procedures, including access controls and permissions. Perform audits of the system as needed.

·         Deploy new hardware and software for both in person and remote users. This includes supporting and onboarding new employees and ending access for terminated employees.

·         Maintain network security through security updates, hardware and software configurations, printing configuration, etc.

·         Keep hardware and software logs, event logs, audits and all IT documentation up to date.

·         Oversee appropriate security permissions, monitor event logs and respond when appropriate. Ensure network architecture is well integrated.

·         Ensure a continual, reliable backup and recovery plan is in place at all times for system data.

·         Replace, maintain and configure hardware on PC Systems, Servers and Printers. This includes hard drives, internal and external drives, ram and monitors as needed.

·         Maintenance of file storage on all servers and security structure and access to these files.

·         Establish baseline trends of network performance and becoming familiar with how the network operates without problems.

·         Monitor system performance, company needs, industry trends and best practices for performance and cybersecurity, and make recommendations for improving the IT infrastructure.

·         Ability to learn and retain knowledge on various integrated systems through on-the-job training.

·         Project management skills, including the ability to manage or participate in network upgrades or time-sensitive troubleshooting in person or via phone.

·         Additional responsibilities as required.


·         A well-grounded and up to date understanding of IT network infrastructure, computer hardware, operating systems, application fundamentals and knowledge of networking hardware and software is required.

·         Working and in-depth knowledge (able to use and support) of the following software products:

o   Microsoft Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

o   Microsoft Windows Server 2012, and Server 2016

o   Microsoft Office:  Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Publisher.

o   Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Products

o   Adobe Acrobat Reader and Writer

o   Other Microsoft products

·         In-depth knowledge of managing virtual servers

·         Experience working on computer systems, security, network and systems and administration, data storage systems and phone systems

·         In-depth knowledge of troubleshooting methods and products

·         Up to date knowledge of telecommunication technology and best practices

·         Excellent project management and prioritization skills and a proven ability to multi-task.

·         The ability to work effectively with end users


Bachelor’s degree in a computer related field or at least 5 years of progressively challenging work experience in Information Technology. Must have a valid Drivers’ License.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS (in a usual workday)

Sit                   Total hours/day        5.0                   Hours at one time     0.5

Stand             Total hours/day        3.0                   Hours at one time    0.5

Walk               Total hours/day        1.5                   Hours at one time     0.5

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