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Energy Program

The MAME Energy Program

energy procurementSince 2007, MAME has offered an energy program to members. Those that are enrolled have seen several huge benefits with expert energy information, buying power, immediate pricing information, etc.

If you engage with a broker, you should ask yourself—“am I willing to pay the Broker fees?”

Here at MAME, we are doing everything possible to help reduce costs in energy, regulations, workforce/recruitment but only you can decide if reaping the benefits works for you.

MAME created a “Letter of Inclusion (LOI)” which simply enables you to receive a quote directly from Constellation through your association Energy Program.
You can then compare Constellations “same day” quote against the other competitive suppliers “same day” quote to see if everything is “apples to apples.”

For more information, contact MAME or contact our BDM directly:

Michael Cloutier
Senior Business Development Manager | New England
545 Boylston Street, 7th Floor, Boston MA 02116
Phone: 603-566-5944